Benghazi answers lay within the medium not the message

Benghazi answers lay within the medium not the message

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 Benghazi questions are in the power of the pen

This space has concentrated of late on outstanding questions re: the Benghazi attack nearly two years past. To date very few publications have been able to pique even modest interest of the sobriquet-ed Main Stream Media, and it occurs to us that social media has failed, because of the ubiquitous and ever reliable Delete key, to effectuate attention.

In an effort to overcome the Delete key on every keyboard, it appears another method of communication is necessary. Short of sit-in demonstrations (time consuming, rigid), social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) are not doing the job….because of the Delete key, or due to e-mail files, mostly unread.

Yes, the emails are stored in gigabyte memories, but the impact of an avalanche like scale bear little in impact. Electronic communication has become very inexpensive, and like free advice, it is regarded in the same manner. Editors, news people look at the Subject line, click on the message bar, and move it to the “Benghazi Enthusiast” file, and look for something that catches their interest.

David Ogilvy, the advertising genius behind the magnificent Ogilvy-Mather Advertising Agency, would assuredly stay up nights creating a Subject line with the intensity required to garner such interest. Further, David himself would confess that even if, and it is a big if, he captured the eye of a media type, his message could well be lost in the crush of electronic zeros and aughts.

Taking instruction from a genius must be parsed. Ogilvy knew something, and this time it is not the message, it is the medium. An avalanche of mist is not the same as an avalanche of snow. Neither is a landslide of bits, bytes, megabytes identical to a bombardment of letters on paper.

Imagine a deluge of letters landing on the desks of major news gathering organization, all demanding media inquiry into the Benghazi affair, the IRS scandal, Department of Justice impropriety, physical evidence of questions that cannot be deleted or ignored.

Stamps still carry mail although at a slower speed, but real, solid mass has its benefits. Twitter and social media can spark the movement, but they do not have weight.

Interesting that old media has the capacity to outweigh in reality what new media still cannot do, isn’t it?

Here are a few addresses that could use the nudge. Keep it polite, businesslike, but insist, perhaps in cursive writing, that the message be read, hence heard.

Arthur Sulzberger

New York Times

620 Eighth Avenue
New York, New York


The Washington Post

1150 15th Street NW

Washington DC 2001


Sixty Minutes

CBS Television

524 West 57th Street

New York City New York





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