Cochran is GOP establishment’s failure personified

Cochran is GOP establishment’s failure personified

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The GOP establishment’s support for Thad Cochran shows that they just don’t get it… or if they do, they have a funny way of showing it.

Photo Credit Wiki Media commons
Photo Credit Wiki Media commons

If you Google the term “Mississippi ranks last,” you will find that the Magnolia State is a leader in the category of inept governance. Here are a few of the categories where Mississippi leads the way:

In fact, in almost every category from obesity to crime, Mississippi ranks at or near the bottom among the states. There are many reasons for much of which can be traced back to post Civil War conditions and attitudes, which led to poor treatment of the African-American community by the state. Apathy by the federal government created a poorly managed and corrupt state government, which is another category, corruption, where Mississippi leads the way.

The conservative solution to the problems that beguile Mississippi are many, but it would not include just throwing federal money at them. It does not work. Further federal spending is out of control. The recognition of this ticking time bomb is one of the main issues which supposedly separates the Republicans from the Democrats. The GOP is alleged to be the party that creates solutions for social problems, particularly economic ones, outside of government dictates and spending.

The days of a Washington politician “bringing home the bacon” as a way to garner votes is supposed to be a negative, not a positive attribute in the GOP. Remember all that talk about eliminating earmarks a couple of years ago?  There is an argument to be made on the best way to cut federal spending. But there is no argument that the Republicans, as a party, endorse the policy of cutting government spending. Right? Fiscal responsibility is a bedrock principle of GOP political philosophy. Right? After all, it is why the GOP claims to oppose tax and spend liberalism. Right?

On the night of the primary election in Mississippi, as Chris McDaniel took the lead a Republican political consultant, John Feehery, President of Quinn Gillespie Communication, sent out the following tweet. 

By the way, the Gillespie in that mast-head where Mr. Feehery works is Ed Gillespie, the former Chairman of the Republican National Committee and current Republican Senate candidate from Virginia. I wonder if he endorses that message.  Two points can be made about Mr. Feehery’s tweet. First, he obviously does not see government deficits as a Republican issue. Second, based upon the abysmal state of the state of Mississippi governance, federal money isn’t really improving things much — is it?

Which brings us to Thad Cochran, (R-MS), the aged senator who never saw a federal dollar he could not spend. The fact that all these federal dollars are stolen from future generations of American children does not seem to concern “Old Guard” politicians like Thad Cochran. As Mr. Gillespie’s employee points out in his tweet, Sen. Cochran is in the business of spending federal money, no matter its source, even if its his great grand children’s piggy bank.

All you need to know about Sen. Cochran is revealed in Monday’s article by Bill Barrow for The Associated Press. Barrow points to Cochran’s claim to fame of “bringing home the bacon,” pork, taxpayer-funded earmarks, which sounds more like the behavior of a Democratic tax and spend liberal than a Republican, much less a conservative.

If Cochran is to prevail Tuesday in a runoff election against Chris McDaniel, a tea party-backed challenger who came close to outright victory in the June 3 primary, he probably will need some of those shipyard workers to change their minds this time — or actually turn out and vote for him.

The Gulf Coast ought to be Cochran’s ace.

It’s the part of Mississippi perhaps most dependent on the federal dollars Cochran has made a career of delivering.

Yes indeed. Cochran has made a career of delivering federal dollars to Mississippi, and where has it taken the state — other than to pretty much last place in everything but beauty queens? Not that beauty queens should be discounted, but they are not exactly a product of federal largesse.

If Cochran somehow pulls out a victory on Tuesday against Chris McDaniel, it will be in large part due to the support of what has become known as the GOP establishment. This “establishment,” an all-too slow-fading from relevance group of  politicians, pundits and consultants, like the less than fiscally responsible  John Feehery, evidently thinks that the key to political victory rests on the backs of future American generations.

Cochran and Feehery represent everything that is wrong about the Republican Party. It is not only that they continue to operate politically in a world that no longer exists, they show open contempt for the people who want nothing more than to do what every generation of American’s has always done, leave future generations of Americans a better place  than they found it. Rather than recognizing how this attitude of milking the federal cow is destroying the nation, they would have us suck the teat dry to buy votes for political power.

It is not surprising that such people fail to see the future of their own party. They are incapable of even protecting the future for their own children. Well, perhaps that is too harsh. Their children will probably be taken care of. They are on the inside. It is your children that they do not care about.

If, as Einstein said, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result,” then the GOP establishment’s support for Cochran is pure insanity — and Mississippi is not even benefiting from the madness.


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