What To Expect from Sharia Law?

What To Expect from Sharia Law?

The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan country after the US and other allied forces were allowed to the department for the Afghani land. However, with new rulers, there will be new policies for the people of Afghanistan.

The Taliban said that they would rule Afghanistan according to Sharia Law. Many people are wondering what that means and they would also like to know what it means in general for society and certain segments of society.

It is a critical aspect to think about as it could have certain implications for those that reside there, and for how the world sees Afghanistan and its current leaders.

At the same time, it could have other implications in how other nations conduct business with Afghanistan. It is important to consider in a world that requires more rare earth minerals for various aspects of modern life.

What Have The Taliban Said?

After the Taliban took the power of the Afghan state, they held a press briefing. In the press briefing Taliban stated that the issues such as media and women’s rights would indeed be respected considering the framework of Islamic Law.

However, no extra details have been provided on the issue yet. Taliban is much famous for the implementation of their Sharia Law. In addition to this, they are also well known for their strict punishments, such as public executions of murderers, robbers, and adulterers.

One would not want to be a thief in Afghanistan.

What is Sharia?

Sharia is the Islamic legal law, and it is derived from the Holy Quran and is also inspired by the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet or the last Prophet known as the Prophet Muhammad. In cases when any scholars do not devise a solution to a problem, then the Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet serve as proper guidance.

However, according to the wordy meaning, Sharia is the clear, well-trodden path to the water. It is considered the complete code of life, which gives information for every issue. In addition to this, it also guides about prayers, fasting, and zakat.

What does this mean in practice?

Sharia delves into every aspect of a Muslim’s life, including family, law, finance, and business. Moreover, Muslims can also consult sharia scholars when they are uncertain while deciding on an individual situation.

How are rulings made?

As there are certain practices on which the law of each religion is based similarly, the law of Sharia is also based on the quality and training of experts. Islamic scholars or jurists issue guidance and ruling. A formal ruling is called a fatwa. The four different Sunni schools of Islamic law are Hanbali, Maliki, Hanafi, and Shafi’i.

Sharia may appear different in different places as the interpretation is also based on a specific area’s situation, place, and culture.

What are some of the tough punishments?

Although Sharia is an Islamic code and conduct of life, some parts also deal with crime. The offenses that come under Sharia’s umbrella are divided into two offenses named Hadd offenses and their offenses. Hadd is for severe crimes, while Tazir is for punishments left to judge.

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