Julian Castro After Elections

Julian Castro After Elections

The cover of Texas Monthly featured Julian Castro, who was the mayor of San Antonio, his twin brother, who is a member of Congress, and Wendy Davis standing between them. Wendy is a well-known senator from Fort Worth. Hence, the headline was a curious expression that stated, “Game On?”. This was nothing but a question if the Democrat will be breaking a former record of a twenty-year run of losses.

However, Castro sealed all the rumors by stating that he had much to do as a mayor and would not eventually participate in the gubernatorial race. In addition to this, on a podcast named Our America, Castro stated that he is likely to run for Houston mayor Bill White, who lost the governor’s position against his opponent.

The recent updates show that it is not easy to make progress in the political sphere. At the same time, it does show that opportunities do abound within the political world that they can still take advantage of over the course of their career.

Yes, he is adjusting to his new normal but there is a bright future ahead.

The Castro Brothers will likely be a part of the Political Sphere Moving Forward

Both Castro brothers indeed have a high chance to participate in future politics because recent historical events are evidence of this. In 2018, a Castro brother was likely to win a 2018 challenge to Senator Ted Cruz. He also passed on challenging John Cornyn in the year 2020. At the same time, Julian stepped down as mayor and went to Washington to be appointed as Secretary of Housing and Urban development.

However, since those times, many people have been curious if Julian Castro or Beto O’Rourke will challenge Abbott’s re-election in 2022. However, both turned down and signed for different posts. Texas interviewed Castro in San Antonio to look at the insights into his life.

One of the questions asked by Texans was about Castro’s opinion that O’Rourke would defer to him if he ran for president in 2019. However, Castro replied that he might also run in 2020 himself. Moreover, he also stated that he made his plan before Beto announced it. In addition, Castro is unsure if he would run as a state-wide candidate or presidential candidate.

He also stated that Abbott is aligned with Donald Trump, but this is not evident to Texans because there is a certain good image associated there; however, it may not be entirely accurate.

Julian on Immigration

Well, Julain also answered questions related to immigration. He stated that border communities are impacted by the actual behavior of what’s happening at the border. Immigration is a critical factor that will have an impact on southern states and the general United States as well.

Julian on the Other Side of the Microphone

Julian also answered if he was enjoying life on the other side of the microphone. He frankly answered that yes, he’s undoubtedly enjoying it. He expressed that he thought he was much closer to broadcast journalism when he was in college. However, he is experiencing much more fun in politics and talking about it.

There are quite a few aspects of life that are staying the same for Julian and other aspects that may be changing over time.

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